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Just a quick post about our files. Over the past few days our traffic has been growing a little faster than we anticipated. Due to this there's probably been times when a song may have been unavailable for download with some kind of message about the user exceeding their bandwidth.

We're in the process of finding a solution to the problem, we should have most files available by a bit later tonight. Email us if you're still having problems accessing a file.

We're looking into a more permanent fix for file hosting - anyone out there have any ideas? If you do, we'd sure appreciate any help.

Update: 2/29/08:

All the links should be working again. I've edited each post and tested every link so they all should work again. Please let us know if you're having any trouble accessing a file.



Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From Alternative to Rock?

I typically put very little stock in the user reviews on iTunes. It seems like the ratings are given on a scale of "pretty awesome" to "so very awesome." So I was somewhat puzzled when I noticed that the new album from The Spill Canvas, No Really I'm Fine, was getting 2's and 3's. So I checked a few of the reviews, and there was kind of an odd theme through most of the posts, the overwhelming opinion being that the new album was no good because they had changed "from alternative to rock." Maybe I'm just living in a marshmallow candy world of love and tolerance, but can't we just like music?

This rather strange aside is going somewhere, I assure you. It seems that the Spill Canvas is opening for Yellowcard on a tour beginning in March at the Avalon here in Salt Lake. But it's not just any tour. This particular tour will be an acoustic tour. I am usually a fan of punk/alternative/rock bands re-working their songs as acoustic songs. The album Punk Goes Acoustic can probably be partially held responsible for this, and I've included a Yellowcard track from that album to whet your appetite. Also give a listen to the Spill Canvas, and please let me know if it's sufficiently alternative. Both are acoustic tracks, naturally.

Yellowcard - Firewater.mp3

The Spill Canvas - Staplegunned.mp3 from Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 2

Buy some Yellowcard: iTunes / Amazon

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Ditto for Spill Canvas: iTunes / Amazon

Spill Canvas sites: Official / Myspace

Six Pack of the Week - "Commercial" Songs

I know it's been said, but it's becoming harder and harder for artists to get heard through the traditional medium (radio).  Over the past few years we've seen some bands strike gold after they've had a song featured on prime-time dramas like Grey's Anatomy and ER.  

Commercials seem to be helping bands nearly as much these days.  This week's Six Pack focuses on a few of the songs that I've been humming along to during the breaks.  Enjoy!

Yael Naim - New Soul (Apple Macbook Air)

The first example here is the case in point.  I'm sure you've seen the commercial (Macbook Air) at least once. The thing I found interesting was that apparantley this song had only been played a grand total of once on all major US radio stations prior to being featured in Apple's ad. Since then it's rocketed to #1 on the iTunes download chart and stayed in the top 10 nearly every week this year. Pretty impressive for literally no radio play, eh?

[mp3] New Soul - Yael Naim

Buy some music from Yael Naim:  Amazon | iTunes
Visit her on the web:  Official | Myspace

ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) - Hold on Tight (Honda Accord)

This tune is a bit more vintage.  I dig the vocal harmonies.  Hold on tight for the French verse...

Buy some ELO:  Amazon | iTunes
Visit ELO on the web:  Official

Joe Purdy - Can't Get it Right Today (Kia Spectra)

I've just learned who Joe is today and I must say, I like him.  I'm sure I'll be posting more from Joe Purdy in the future.

Buy some music by Joe Purdy:  Amazon | iTunes
Visit Joe on the web:  Official | Myspace

Band of Horses - The Funeral (Ford Edge)

The Funeral is a good starting point if you haven't heard much from Band of Horses.  Great band, check 'em out.

Buy some Band of Horses:  Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web:  Official | Myspace

Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light (Ford Edge)

For one reason or another I've never really gotten into Kings of Leon.  I'm not sure why, but it's something I've decided I need to correct.  This song has a nice bit 'o dirt to it.

Buy some Kings of Leon:  Amazon | iTunes
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The Redwalls - Build a Bridge (AT&T/Cingular)

I know, I know - I posted this song last week.  I still love it though and I've reposted it on a more reliable server.  Check it out if you haven't already.  I DARE you all to count how many different things AT&T uses to symbolize signal bars in this commercial!

Buy some music from The Redwalls:  Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web:  Official | Myspace

Howie Day - Everyone Loves to Love a Lie

At this point I'm not really sure whether I should be "excited" for another Howie Day record or if I should just run and hide from it right now. Before I get much further I should point out some facts here:

  • About 5 years ago Howie Day would have been one of my top 5 favorite artists if you asked me, no hesitation.
  • I still count Australia, Howie's first release, as one of my favorite albums.
  • Howie put on one of the best shows I've ever seen in only 15 minutes time. Yes, he is was that good.
I was a bit disappointed with Howie's second record, Stop All The World Now. It sounded a little overdone and a bit to "ready" to be whored around on top 40 radio. Looking back at my premature evaluation, I can't say I'm pleased with being right in this case.

Despite the ho-hum second outing, I still gave Howie the benefit of the doubt. His live performances were absolutely breath-taking. His vocal presence was captivating and the use of his looping pedals brought the live show to a completely different level than any solo performer I've ever seen besides Joseph Arthur.

Of course, the rest is pretty much history at this point:
  • Collide is released and gets featured in a number of TV shows making Howie Day a one-hit wonder. Teenage girls swoon.
  • Howie starts touring with a band rather than solo. Teenage girls swoon.
  • Two female fans accuse Howie Day of sexually assaulting them in his trailer where he breaks their cell phone when they refuse his advances.
  • Howie gets drunk on an airplane and harrases a flight attendant and others on the plane.
  • Howie is sentenced to rehab, where he meets Britney Spears and starts a relationship.
After this things get a little murky. I remember reading something about Howie and Britney going on binges together, which I'm sure was partially responsible for her losing custody of her children. The good news is, Howie is out of rehab and no longer with Britney. The bad news is, the new music sounds like he's trying a bit too hard to reach for another big hit.

Howie is on tour now with Jay Clifford. Jay helped co-write a number of songs from Stop All the World Now so I can't say I'm thrilled about more collaberation between the two, but it's no full band so it may be worth checking out. Rumor has it that Howie is back to using his pedals. If that's the case, I may be ready to give him a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

With no further ado, here's the newest Howie Day song. It's called Everyone Loves to Love a Lie and no, it's not about Britney Spears. Sorry for the low bitrate, it came to me via Myspace so it's nothing I could really control.

No real details on his next full release. I'm still not sure how excited I should be about the new track - it's fair, though a bit overdone at times. It could easily co-exist with the rest of the tracks from Stop All the World Now. I much prefer his live shows or Australia. I've included a few of my favorite tracks for those of you not familiar with Howie outside of Collide.

This was recorded 4/28/02. It should give a good idea of how fantastic Howie can be live.  The use of the delay and looping pedals to go along with his vocal strength was always what made Howie so special.  This song is basically Howie at his best.

[mp3] Secret

This may be my favorite track from Australia. It's a nice little pop song with a bit of an edge to it. Australia is full of these little gems, I highly recommend picking it up if you haven't already.

Not surprisingly, the only song I'm really attached to from Howie's second album was a track that didn't even make the cut. This was later included as a b-side, then on a deluxe addition. It doesn't feel as overdone as the rest of the album and I love the keys in this one.

Buy some Howie Day:  Amazon | iTunes
Visit Howie on the web:  Official | Myspace

Howie Day allows the taping and distribution of his live shows.  If you're interested in hearing more live music from Howie Day then I recommend visiting The Live Music Archive.  It also contains a LOT of other bands who allow taping & distribution.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nantes by Beirut

So I generally don't post YouTube videos about anything, anywhere...well, ever. My reasoning is this: if it was me happening upon some random YouTube video somewhere, I wouldn't watch it. Not a big fan of the 'Tube myself and nowadays people throw-up these videos everywhere, likely thinking that each is as enlightening and worthwhile a watch as the next. I'm not trying to dissuade you from watching this video; on the contrary, I'm trying to point to the rarity of this type of post and the subsequent intrigue of this particular video.

About a week ago, a friend of mine recommended that I give the song "Nantes" by Beirut a listen, and that I might want to check out the video as well. The video was what I really loved. The album version is pretty alright, but the song really shines in the live performance. The way they setup the video, genius. I just wish I could tell you a little more about the band, but, well, they're new to me too. So enjoy Nantes by Beirut:

Friday, February 22, 2008

R.E.M. - Accelerate (4/1/08)

R.E.M. has a new album heading our way soon (April 1st).  In case you haven't heard the new single yet, it's below for your listening pleasure.

I know being an R.E.M. fan is a bit nerdly but I've long-since embraced it.  This song puts a smile on my face and gets the air guitar goin' - what more could you ask for?

[mp3] R.E.M. - Supernatural Superserious

Pre-order the new album:  iTunes | Amazon
Visit R.E.M. on the web:  Official | Myspace

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Matches Bundle of Joy!

How do you feel about the Matches? I'd describe them as an acquired taste, but not in the way that, say, sushi is an acquired taste. The Matches are more like something that's delicious, only in a way that's different from what you're used to. What I'm saying here is that sushi isn't good, while the Matches are, in fact, good. With me? Excellent.

The reason you should care about all this nonsense is that the Matches have a pre-order bundle going on over at Loserkids, where you pay 20 dollars, and recieve some extra swag. Not much extra swag, mind you, but swag nonetheless. Your hard-earned cash will get you the new Matches album, A Band in Hope, along with a Matches t-shirt and a coupon for %15 off a future purchase at Loserkids.

Listen to this: The Matches - Dog-Eared Page.mp3
Way better than sushi, eh?
Buy some Matches! iTunes / Amazon
Check them out! Official / Myspace

Review: JUNO Soundtrack

For one reason or another I can quite vividly recall seeing the first poster go up for Juno back in December of last year in my local theater. Neither of the faces jumped out at me, but the poster struck a cord, so I stuck the name in the back of my mind and proceeded in to watch I Am Legend.

Within a few weeks Juno started spreading like wildfire across the nation and inter-web, even into the desolate regions of northern Utah that I call home. While news about the film started piling up, I waited patiently for my chance to see it. Unfortunately for me (and the other residents of Logan who like watching a good flick) Juno didn't last in theaters long. Most non-blockbuster films don't do particularly well in Cache Valley, especially those with an R-rating.

Keep in mind, all of the theaters (except 1, I believe) in Logan (now over 100,000 residents in the greater area) are owned by the same company which gets an overwhelming barrage of complaints from the local yokels when there aren't enough "family friendly" movies for viewing. Thusly, Juno didn't fare much better than Little Miss Sunshine, Into the Wild or Thank You For Smoking, all of which either had one week in a major theater or no opening at all with a brief stint in a tired old "Independent Film" theater. I'll run out to watch Juno when it comes out on DVD, but until then all I have to go by is the soundtrack...

The soundtrack itself seems to fit well with what I know of the movie. I guess the best word to describe it would be "quirky". While not all of the sound track is my cup of tea, some tracks did stand out to me, most notably "Superstar" by Sonic Youth and "Sea of Love" by Cat Power.

The majority of the soundtrack is dominated by Kimya Dawson and her former band, The Moldy Peaches. These tracks are pretty much the best of what anti-folk has to offer. If you're into off-beat poetry laced with some acoustic guitar, look no further. A few old-school selections round out the rest of the album (Buddy Holly, The Kinks, The Velvet Underground), but the focus of the soundtrack is on the anti-folk songs provided by Kimya Dawson. While these aren't necessarily my favorite of tunes, I can certainly see how they'd fit into an off-beat flick like Juno.

I guess my main dislike of the soundtrack has more to do with the unexpected welcoming of the film and soundtrack into mainstream society rather than the songs themselves. The songs fit the movie like a glove, but I can't really think for a minute that The Moldy Peaches thought the annoying girl in accounting was going to be singing "Anyone Else But You" after switching out her Fergie CD - but that's exactly what's happening (believe me, I heard it last week).
"Indie" music is indie for a reason - so the suits won't like it.

We'll have to see if Juno has lasting appeal in mainstream society or if it was just a flash in the pan. I doubt we'll see The Moldy Peaches selling out The Delta Center anytime soon, but who knows - it didn't take the stock brokers long to start singing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" when grunge exploded. All I know is that I can't stand when people who listen to top 40 radio and watch American Idol suddenly start diggin' the underground.

All in all, this album is worth picking up if you find yourself in any of the following categories:

1- You loved Juno
2- You enjoy folk music
3- You think "mainstream" folk is kinda lame, but you still like the sound (welcome to anti-folk!)
4- You enjoy a good indie-themed mix tape

If you don't fit into those groups then you probably won't care much for the soundtrack. If you do fall into those groups then I'd highly recommend picking it up.

Here's a few tracks so those of you who haven't seen the movie (like me) can get a general idea of what you're getting into:
Purchase the Juno soundtrack: iTunes | Amazon

Visit the Moldy Peaches on the web: Official | Myspace
Visit Sonic Youth on the web: Official | Myspace

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Six Pack of the Week - Trouble Sleeping

Well, ya'll finally get to hear from the up-to-now invisible third member of this, err, trio. See? That's why I don't get to type stuff!

Anyway, this week's Six Pack deals with a personal problem of mine: I'm having trouble sleeping! To be more specific, I'm having trouble both falling asleep and sleeping soundly. So, to try to solve my problem, I inevitably turned to music. Maybe some song I've previously overlooked can tell me why I'm not sleeping. Let's see what we got:

[mp3] The Perishers - Trouble Sleeping

I really dig this song, but it doesn't explain why I can't sleep. It does have some really good lines reminding me of times I couldn't sleep in the past though: "You're jumping in my bed/twisting in my head/leave me" and "it's you/now and always you/but never me." However, romantical problems are not the reason why I'm not sleeping.

Buy some The Perishers: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

[mp3] Pete Yorn - Sleep Better

This is what I desire, to sleep better! But all Petey tells me is that "she won't sleep better alone/and he won't sleep better alone/no they won't feel better alone" which doesn't really help me all that much. I love the song Pete, but you aren't helping me here!

Buy some Pete Yorn: Amazon | iTunes
Visit him on the web: Official | Myspace

[mp3] Eels - I Need Some Sleep

This is a very pretty song about "getting over" something. And yes, there are a lot of things to get over, so don't look at me like that. Anyway, this isn't it either. If it was, that 'something' would always be on my mind, and there's been nothing constantly on my mind. Definitely a good song to hear though.

Buy some Eels: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

[mp3] Counting Crows - I'm Not Sleeping

I've always liked this song so I had to include it, even though it sheds little light on my sleeping troubles. I just love how it keeps changing back and forth from a soft, gentle song to a rocking orchestral song. Crazy talk, I know, but it's good stuff.

Buy some Counting Crows: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

[mp3] Trashcan Sinatras - Trouble Sleeping

I almost never listen to Trashcan Sinatras, but this song jumped out to me at first due to its dreamy tone. And then I started to listen to the lyrics. I won't spoil it for you, go ahead give it a listen yourself. Oh, and it's not the reason why I'm having trouble sleeping!

Buy some Trashcan Sinatras: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

[mp3] Radiohead - Go To Sleep

I like this song too much not to include it, though it also does not explain my trouble sleeping. It's just another good Radiohead song; I don't know the musical term for it, but I want to call it good driving guitar. It seems to take the song exactly where it needs to go.

Buy some Radiohead: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

Hmmm, well, at least I got good music to listen to while I'm not sleeping!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Redwalls @ Kilby Court, Salt Lake City (2/17/08)

The show was fantastic - The Redwalls rocked my socks (and face) off. The set focused mainly on the new album but a few old gems were thrown in. I was able to snag a set-list from the show, here's what they played:

The tail end of the set was absolutely incredible! The first part of the set was a little rough with some pretty intense mic feedback and some mics dropping out completely from time to time. By the time they started into They Are Among Us these problems were all but resolved and we were finally able to hear The Redwalls in all their glory. There were a few moments born out of the malfunctioning mics, thus required the brothers to share at times:

In all, the show was certainly worth the drive. The ticket price was low and the entertainment value was quite high. It was a little sad to see the lack of support SLC provided for this great band - I counted only 28 heads at the show. Hopefully they'll be back this way next time through but I can't say I blame them if they skip over us next time. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's a few tracks that I'd forgotten how much I loved until they were played last night, I'd certainly recommend a listen if you're still new to The Redwalls.

[mp3] Memories

Buy some tunes from The Redwalls: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Goin' to see The Redwalls

The Redwalls are coming to town on Sunday and I must say, I'm nearly shitting myself in anticipation.  I haven't been to many live shows in the past year or so, hopefully this will get me back into the routine.

I picked up their new(est) album today.  If you haven't heard it yet I highly recommend checking it out.  A little more lo-fi then their last record.  Here's some tracks:

[mp3] Hangman

Hangman is nice and raw, definite Stones feel to it.  Modern Diet has a sweet, sweet chorus to sing along to.  Even as I type I still find it stuck in my head...

I probably won't post again until after the show,  but expect some pics at the least.

Buy some tunes from The Redwalls:  Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web:  Official | Myspace

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Six Pack of the Week - Covers

Back on my old blog I ran a weekly feature called the Six Pack of the Week. I've decided to bring that feature over to this blog - congrats to you! I think it's a fantastic way to make everyone aware of some great tracks that are out there.

This week I'm focusing on covers. I've always loved a good cover, I've included a few I've been listening to lately. Enjoy!

This one's been floating around the blogo-sphere for the past few months. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already. Quite true to the original, though they certainly bring the rock harder than Wings ever did.

This can be found on the album Radio 1 Established 1967.

Buy some Foo Fighters: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

I found this one on Zac's myspace. It's quite an interesting take on the classic, totally different tempo and feel to it all. In case you're not familiar, Zac was the lead singer of The Nixons.

Buy some Zac Maloy: Amazon | iTunes
Visit him on the web: Myspace

This is one of the stand out tracks from the Ramone's tribute album that came out a few years ago. It also includes a few tracks by Eddie Vedder, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. If you come across it I highly recommend picking it up.

Buy some Pete Yorn: Amazon | iTunes
Visit him on the web: Official | Myspace

Bet you didn't expect this one, eh? This really should have been in the movie. The bass drum is straight-up sweet in the mix.

This can be found on the album Technologie.

Buy some Black Lab: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

Another one that's made it's rounds across the blogo-sphere. Kinda funny that PJ seems to be the most successful (single wise) when they record and release a cover. Eddie's growl is at it's best here.

Buy some Pearl Jam: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

Here's a band you may not know about. They hail from the Great White North and they know their way around an effects pedal. I'm really diggin' on this version of one of my favorite Neil Young tunes - it's WAY more trippy. I highly recommend this one as well.

This can be found on the album Borrowed Tunes, a Tribute to Neil Young.

Buy some Jets Overhead: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

Hopefully those will sate your appetite for covers for now, I'm sure we'll have another six-pack of covers soon though so be ready!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings Preview

Brock & I have plethora of Counting Crows for you today, hopefully it will sate your appetite until March 25th when the new album comes out. First, some album tracks:

On Tuesday, Counting Crows released their first "official" single from Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings, a little ditty called "You Can't Count on Me". This one's a little poppy, something that certainly could have fit onto Hard Candy. Cowboys, another track that's found it's way onto the internet is a whole different affair, WAY more rockin' than anything I've heard from CC since Recovering The Satellites.

Hey, Brock here. This feast for your ears get wrapped up over at, of all places, where you can listen to a concert Counting Crows put on for NPR at the World Cafe Live on February 8th. They played 4 songs from Saturday Nights, followed by 4 from Sunday Mornings. It provides a pretty excellent preview of the general feeling the separate records will have, and you can officially count me as very excited.

"Insignificant" has a great chorus, just simple and powerful. The motivation he describes for writing "Cowboys" is some interesting insight into Adam as a writer, and the part about using the "come on, come on, come on" refrain he used in "Accidentally in Love" is pretty cool. All of CC's albums have been pretty cohesive thematically, and this one should be more of the same. "I Dream of Michaelangelo" is dreamy and gorgeous; listen to it twice.

Buy some Counting Crows: Amazon iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official Myspace

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Format - B-Sides and Rarities

I got some pretty heartbreaking news about the Format a couple of days ago. Luckily, fellow Format fans, there is comfort to be had. You can pick up a DVD called The Format, Live at the Mayan Theatre, featuring "over two hours of music & documentary footage." It was released in November, and features the album Dog Problems in its entirety, and a new song called Swans.
If that's not enough to fill the Format-shaped void in your life, head over to iTunes and buy B-Sides and Rarities. It's 18 demos and rarities, for 10 bucks. I'm listening to it right now. I doubt it'll stack up to the likes of Dog Problems - there's often a reason songs are b-sides - but I'm sure I'll find some gems to recommend. So far I'm really digging Threes and Seven Digit Pin Code.

Buy some Format! iTunes Amazon
Visit the site: Official Myspace

Seven Mary Three - Day and Night Driving

For a band most known for their uber-crunchy guitar (see: Cumbersome) 7M3 is certainly taking a different approach on their latest album, DAY&NIGHTDRIVING. A few tracks have been leaking across the net. I highly recommend checking them out.

Studio Tracks:

Last Kiss (MP3)*
*This isn't a direct link, it'll bring you to Heather's fabulous blog for more info and the d/l.

Live & Acoustic Tracks:

Upside Down (MP3)

Last Kiss seems to harken back to the days of Economy of Sound, but with the edge that was missing through most of it. i love the increased build throughout the track, I just can't stop it mid-way. She Wants Results sounds a little more lonely, something most people probably haven't heard from 7M3.

All in all I'm quite excited about release. I've bought about each and every 7M3 record that's come out and they've each brought something unique to the table. This one sounds more "reflective" than there past offerings, though I'm still they'll still bring the rock.

For more info about the new album (in stores Feb. 19th), visit the official site here (with a few more songs streaming). If you just can't wait, it's already available (exclusively) on iTunes!

Buy some Seven Mary Three: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

iTunes Single of the Week - We the Kings

For those of you outside the know, iTunes releases a free single of some random "unknown" band each week for free. There's a whole section of free stuff on iTunes, just go to the store, then all the way to the bottom for the section that shows "Free on iTunes". The singles rotate out each week though, limited time only!

It can be pretty hit and miss since it seems they try to rotate between rap/urban/dance tracks and indie/rock/punk tracks each week. This one falls more into the pop-punk stratosphere, but it's free and worth a listen.

If you dig, their full album is available on iTunes for only 6 bucks. Not too shabby...

We the Kings - Check Yes Juliet (iTunes)

Buy some We the Kings: Amazon | iTunes
Visit them on the web: Myspace

Super Bowl Recap

Here's a recap if you missed the big game, or if you just weren't paying attention between commercials:

The pretty boy's team lost and Tom Petty's still got it.

I was pretty bitter a few years ago when MTV took over the half time show and started to give us some pretty terrible shows. Remember that Aerosmith + teeny-bopper extravaganza? That's what I'm talking about - terrible. 

Walk This Way (Aerosmith+N'Sync+Britney+Nelly+Mary J Blige...ugh)

Watching just a few seconds of that again made me throw up a little in my mouth. Viewer beware.

Never thought I'd say this, but Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were probably the best thing that ever happened to the Super Bowl. Why? They pissed off enough people to keep the big networks away from "the pop music", so now they'll keep going with low risk-high profit acts like Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Prince and now Tom Petty. Hmmm...would I rather see N'Sync or The Stones...I'm just not sure on that one.

Now, back to Tom Petty. He looked old but still sounded great. The set was short and sweet, just the hits. I'm not saying this was the greatest show I've seen at the half, that's not what Tom Petty should be expected to provide. It was good though, worth a look/listen. Here's some videos of it off Youtube:

American Girl:

I Won't Back Down:

Free Falling:

Runnin' Down a Dream (mmm...this was my favorite):

Buy some Tom Petty: Amazon | iTunes
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Brobecks, your new favorite band...

Other than Kraig's band the Rock Bandits, my favorite local band here in Utah is a band called the Brobecks. They write smart, catchy rock songs and put on a great live show, and my fiancee would leave me for their singer in a heartbeat. Check out Goodnight Socialite, and if you're in Salt Lake for their next show do yourself a favor and be there!

I also implore, nay, insist that you check out this band called Brighten. I've seen them live a couple times here in SLC, and they were really good. Especially check out More Vacations and the new song, Love Me Honestly. They have a Jimmy Eat World type indie rock sound that I think you will find enjoyable.