Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Brobecks, your new favorite band...

Other than Kraig's band the Rock Bandits, my favorite local band here in Utah is a band called the Brobecks. They write smart, catchy rock songs and put on a great live show, and my fiancee would leave me for their singer in a heartbeat. Check out Goodnight Socialite, and if you're in Salt Lake for their next show do yourself a favor and be there!

I also implore, nay, insist that you check out this band called Brighten. I've seen them live a couple times here in SLC, and they were really good. Especially check out More Vacations and the new song, Love Me Honestly. They have a Jimmy Eat World type indie rock sound that I think you will find enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

hey i know this is old, but thanks for mentioning us. i just came across it by chance! ha!
-Dallon (Brobecks)

Alisha said...

Hey, I wanted to just say I love your incredible music. I also love how you're from UTAH baby! But mostly your music. It is irrevocably brilliant. Please make more. I also have been having trouble finding it. I went to a concert for ya'll with Story of the Year, Bravery, Ludo, Josephine Collective here, and that's the only place where I have found that I could actually buy your music. Your music isn't even on itunes!! Ya'll better get on that one!! :) I just can't get enough. I love ya'll!