Monday, February 18, 2008

The Redwalls @ Kilby Court, Salt Lake City (2/17/08)

The show was fantastic - The Redwalls rocked my socks (and face) off. The set focused mainly on the new album but a few old gems were thrown in. I was able to snag a set-list from the show, here's what they played:

The tail end of the set was absolutely incredible! The first part of the set was a little rough with some pretty intense mic feedback and some mics dropping out completely from time to time. By the time they started into They Are Among Us these problems were all but resolved and we were finally able to hear The Redwalls in all their glory. There were a few moments born out of the malfunctioning mics, thus required the brothers to share at times:

In all, the show was certainly worth the drive. The ticket price was low and the entertainment value was quite high. It was a little sad to see the lack of support SLC provided for this great band - I counted only 28 heads at the show. Hopefully they'll be back this way next time through but I can't say I blame them if they skip over us next time. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's a few tracks that I'd forgotten how much I loved until they were played last night, I'd certainly recommend a listen if you're still new to The Redwalls.

[mp3] Memories

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Anonymous said...

I saw them here in Ft Worth last night and they were still having the same mic problems. I cannot figure out why these guys are not huge yet - I've seen them 3 times in the last here just in Dallas. They are touring machines.

They refused to sing "Thank You" (when everyone was shouting for it) and said it was due to 'events that have happened and are continuing". Any idea what that's about?

Yea, it was a small place last night but about 100 people. And The Redwalls so brought it.