Thursday, February 7, 2008

Seven Mary Three - Day and Night Driving

For a band most known for their uber-crunchy guitar (see: Cumbersome) 7M3 is certainly taking a different approach on their latest album, DAY&NIGHTDRIVING. A few tracks have been leaking across the net. I highly recommend checking them out.

Studio Tracks:

Last Kiss (MP3)*
*This isn't a direct link, it'll bring you to Heather's fabulous blog for more info and the d/l.

Live & Acoustic Tracks:

Upside Down (MP3)

Last Kiss seems to harken back to the days of Economy of Sound, but with the edge that was missing through most of it. i love the increased build throughout the track, I just can't stop it mid-way. She Wants Results sounds a little more lonely, something most people probably haven't heard from 7M3.

All in all I'm quite excited about release. I've bought about each and every 7M3 record that's come out and they've each brought something unique to the table. This one sounds more "reflective" than there past offerings, though I'm still they'll still bring the rock.

For more info about the new album (in stores Feb. 19th), visit the official site here (with a few more songs streaming). If you just can't wait, it's already available (exclusively) on iTunes!

Buy some Seven Mary Three: Amazon | iTunes
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Adam said...

I'm a long time 7M3 fan. Several of the songs (Break the Spell, Strangely at Home Here, Hammer and A Stone etc) have been parts of live shows for years. But the guys have given even these songs a great new spin on this ablum. Jason Ross has been quoted in interviews about the album saying that this album is like their first one in that they just got together and made music with out caring what any higher authority has to say about it. I'm linking to you on my blog

Anonymous said...

I think the album is utterly horrible.... and I wish they would've listed to the higher authorities when making the album.