Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From Alternative to Rock?

I typically put very little stock in the user reviews on iTunes. It seems like the ratings are given on a scale of "pretty awesome" to "so very awesome." So I was somewhat puzzled when I noticed that the new album from The Spill Canvas, No Really I'm Fine, was getting 2's and 3's. So I checked a few of the reviews, and there was kind of an odd theme through most of the posts, the overwhelming opinion being that the new album was no good because they had changed "from alternative to rock." Maybe I'm just living in a marshmallow candy world of love and tolerance, but can't we just like music?

This rather strange aside is going somewhere, I assure you. It seems that the Spill Canvas is opening for Yellowcard on a tour beginning in March at the Avalon here in Salt Lake. But it's not just any tour. This particular tour will be an acoustic tour. I am usually a fan of punk/alternative/rock bands re-working their songs as acoustic songs. The album Punk Goes Acoustic can probably be partially held responsible for this, and I've included a Yellowcard track from that album to whet your appetite. Also give a listen to the Spill Canvas, and please let me know if it's sufficiently alternative. Both are acoustic tracks, naturally.

Yellowcard - Firewater.mp3

The Spill Canvas - Staplegunned.mp3 from Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 2

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