Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Matches Bundle of Joy!

How do you feel about the Matches? I'd describe them as an acquired taste, but not in the way that, say, sushi is an acquired taste. The Matches are more like something that's delicious, only in a way that's different from what you're used to. What I'm saying here is that sushi isn't good, while the Matches are, in fact, good. With me? Excellent.

The reason you should care about all this nonsense is that the Matches have a pre-order bundle going on over at Loserkids, where you pay 20 dollars, and recieve some extra swag. Not much extra swag, mind you, but swag nonetheless. Your hard-earned cash will get you the new Matches album, A Band in Hope, along with a Matches t-shirt and a coupon for %15 off a future purchase at Loserkids.

Listen to this: The Matches - Dog-Eared Page.mp3
Way better than sushi, eh?
Buy some Matches! iTunes / Amazon
Check them out! Official / Myspace


Anonymous said...

I love the matches, I can't wait for their new album!!