Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings Preview

Brock & I have plethora of Counting Crows for you today, hopefully it will sate your appetite until March 25th when the new album comes out. First, some album tracks:

On Tuesday, Counting Crows released their first "official" single from Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings, a little ditty called "You Can't Count on Me". This one's a little poppy, something that certainly could have fit onto Hard Candy. Cowboys, another track that's found it's way onto the internet is a whole different affair, WAY more rockin' than anything I've heard from CC since Recovering The Satellites.

Hey, Brock here. This feast for your ears get wrapped up over at, of all places, where you can listen to a concert Counting Crows put on for NPR at the World Cafe Live on February 8th. They played 4 songs from Saturday Nights, followed by 4 from Sunday Mornings. It provides a pretty excellent preview of the general feeling the separate records will have, and you can officially count me as very excited.

"Insignificant" has a great chorus, just simple and powerful. The motivation he describes for writing "Cowboys" is some interesting insight into Adam as a writer, and the part about using the "come on, come on, come on" refrain he used in "Accidentally in Love" is pretty cool. All of CC's albums have been pretty cohesive thematically, and this one should be more of the same. "I Dream of Michaelangelo" is dreamy and gorgeous; listen to it twice.

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