Friday, April 25, 2008

A little more Howie Day...

I like how I posted earlier this week about Nine Inch Nails and now I'm giving you some Howie Day. It's good, I dig - it should keep all of y'all on your toes. That's right, I just said y'all. Or is it ya'll? for thought there. How does one spell y'all? It's not giving me the red squiggles for that spelling so I'm stickin' to it. Now, back to the post:

I've gotten my dirty little hands on a few more demos from Howie's forthcoming release - hooray for me! As you may remember, I'm a bit hesitant about any new recordings from Howie in the post-Australia era but these two songs seem to bring things a bit closer to the Howie Day I know and love. They're certainly a step up from the song I posted previously, "Everyone Loves to Love a Lie".

The first is called "Be There". I'm not sure how much of an improvement this is from some of the work Howie has done recently - it just reminds me of Collide a bit too much. I get the feeling that he's reaching for another hit with this one. He may have it, the hook is catchy and the song moves along in a poppy enough fashion. That's what the kids like these days, right? It could probably slide right into any episode of Grey's Anatomy without a problem. I wouldn't say that's a good thing but I suppose it is for Howie...

[mp3] Be There

The second is called Sound the Alarm. I've got to admit, I'm a little excited about this track - it's got the old school Howie vibe to it. The guitar work has quite a bit more edge to it when compared to basically everything on Stop All the World Now which I think is necessary for Howie if he wants to bring things back to his roots. A nice buildup towards the end too.

[mp3] Sound the Alarm

All in all it's a step in the right direction. No news on a release date yet but these sound pretty polished - especially "Sound the Alarm". Hopefully that means it's getting close? We'll see. He's on tour now (and using the pedals again) so check him out if he's coming close to your town, you won't regret it.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool. Much thanks.

Take care,

Anonymous said...


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J-H Lane said...

I have no idea how you got your hands on these new tracks, but thank you!! I'm excited for what Howie Day is bringing to the table this time around. I miss the old days of just him and his pedals, and I'm glad he seems to have straightened out his personal life. So here's looking forward to more from Mr. Day.

Thanks again ~

Janny Garza said...

Yay! Spread the Howie love. "Longest Night" is also a very good track.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard ANYTHING about the new cd? This is getting ridiculous. How does someone so talented go into the abyss of music???

And so much crappy music out there. UGH!

Anonymous said...

To the person above me:
Apparently the album has been shelved and he's recording new songs for it, reverting back to the type of album Australia is. So who knows.

Kat said...

I came across this somewhat by accident but this seriously made my day. I've been living off the same live version of "Be There" for 2 years now. So thank you!

Also, I agree with Janny Garza; I saw Howie live in February and I still wake up with the chorus from "Longest Night" in my head from time to time.

Ryan said...

"Be There" is the new single. the album was originally titled "Sound The Alarm", which is from a song Howie wrote about the death of his little brother. however Howie is now referring to the upcoming album as "Yestermorrow"

Anonymous said...

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Matt Klomp said...

Great post- can't wait to hear the finished album in a couple weeks. Sounds pretty good from what I've heard so far..