Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coldplay - Violet Hill

Coldplay released their new single, Violet Hill as a free MP3 over on their site today. You should probably check it out.

I haven't quite decided if I like it or not after a few listens, but it's certainly different than their last few singles (Speed of Sound, Clocks etc.). I know Stu will be firing back in seconds about how Coldplay is music for bed-wetters, but this song seems to have less of a bed-wetting vibe to it. Definitely more rock.

The new album (with a terribly long name that I'm refusing to type) is out on 6/17. Oh, and yes, that picture up there is the album art. I know, I know. But the music will be good, right? I think so.

Get the new single here (only free for a week).
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Visit them on the web: Official | Myspace


Stu said...

Bed-wetters! Bed-wetters I say!

I would like to actually comment on the song, but I'm still waiting to receive my e-mail with download instructions. So instead I'll comment on the cover art; does that really say Viva La Vida? Wow, you can roughly translate that into long live the life or the life lives. That's like trying to be deep without actually trying. Amazing.

J-H Lane said...

Just discovered this blog and wanted to extend my thanks for helping us discover new music. I've been a fan of coldplay for awhile, and am pretty pleased with the new single. A lot going on with it, and I'm hoping it's a decent preview of what to expect from the new album. Cheers everybody ~