Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rodney Parker & The Fifty Peso Reward

I had a pleasant surprise in my inbox a few days ago notifying me that Rodney Parker and the 50 Peso Reward are set to release their second album called The Lonesome Dirge on April 8th.  For those of you unfamiliar, these guys combine elements of folk, rock, country and mash it all together with a slice of punk.  Some call it alt-country, some call it awesome.  These guys have a nice, raw edge that you don't see very often in the alt-country scene.  It's usually more rock than this or more 'twang - Rodney Parker and the 50 Peso Reward mix it all quite well.

Comparisons to the Old 97's will be hard to avoid for this Texas four-some.  Their sound comes from the same area and draws on the same influences, so obviously there's a similar vibe to it all.  Rodney's vocals are a bit more raw then Rhett's, but musically there's a lot of similarities.  If you enjoy the Old 97's then I highly recommend checking out Rodney Parker and the 50 Peso Reward.

[mp3] Firefight
[mp3] Brother

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Anonymous said...

This band is badass! Great review, and can't wait to get the new album!