Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts (I-IV)

In case you haven't heard the word, Nine Inch Nails has released a 4-part album exclusively over the internet.  The album is titled Ghosts and the first portion (Ghosts I) is available for free at their website.  The whole package is available for 5 bucks (plus there's a few more options too).  Before you get too excited, the whole shebang is instrumental, no vocals from Mr. Reznor on this outing.

The site should be working well now - I delayed posting this for a few days because NIN couldn't handle the traffic they were getting.  That seems to be resolved now, so happy downloading!

I must say, I like what I've heard so far.  I'm still getting a feel for the album, but I like it.  Obviously it's lacking Trent's screeching/soothing vocal chords but it certainly still feels like NIN despite this.  Of course, I always loved the instrumental parts of The Fragile (my favorite NIN album) so this isn't much of a leap for me.  

Casual fans will certainly find this a little lacking, but sometimes you just want something to listen to that doesn't drive a hook into your head.  If that's what you're into - look no further.  My recommendation - download Ghosts I, it's free.  Who doesn't like free?  If you like what you hear, what's five bucks?  Seriously, he's not askin' for much here.

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Visit them on the web:  Official | Myspace