Friday, March 14, 2008

About a Son

When I first heard that About a Son was being released a few weeks ago I had a few thoughts pop through my head.  First, excitement, then the overwhelming thought:  do we really need another DVD depicting the life and times of Kurt Cobain, the formation of Nirvana and his eventual suicide? I'm happy to report that this film far exceeded my expectations.

Rather than dwelling on how Kurt went about forming Nirvana and their time on stage together, this film focuses on Kurt himself.  The film basically just a conversation between Kurt and Michael Azerrad, the author of Come As You Are:  The Story of Nirvana.  The conversation was taped and recorded over a few weeks about a year before Kurt's suicide.

Kurt makes some rather interesting comments throughout the film, among other things he talked about the effect the divorce of his parents had on his childhood (and his friend's childhood).  It was a really interesting look into Kurt's head.

I've read up on Kurt through the past few years and I've never seen or heard anything that compares to the intimacy of this film.  Now, if you're not a big Nirvana fan you may find yourself bored with this (I know my wife was) but if you want to see a personal view of one of the most important icons in the past 20 years then I suggest checking this film out.

Here's the trailer:

and a clip: