Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Six Pack of the Week - Our Weekly Top Songs

Most of you probably come to this website to get some recommendations about what you should listen to. With this weeks six-pack, we'll actually let you inside our playlists so you can see what WE are listening to. Since there's three of us, we've each uploaded the two songs that saw the most action on each of our playlists last week. I (Kraig) will kick things off:

See These Bones - Nada Surf

Coming in with 11 plays last week and the #2 rating is See These Bones by Nada Surf off of Lucky.

Nada Surf seems to be known as "that band who wrote the "Popular" song" back in the 90's. It's a shame that they've been tagged as a one-hit wonder, but I guess that's life. Lucky is a CD that you need to pick up if you haven't already - it's by far my favorite album from the band. See These Bones is my favorite track off the album, check it out to see what you've been missing if you've been dismissing these guys as just another one-hit wonder.

[mp3] See These Bones

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2nd Boys Will Be 1st Choice - The Brobecks

My most played track (with 18) from last week comes from a local Salt Lake City band, The Brobecks. Brock wrote up a little ditty about these guys a while ago, but I highly recommend checking them out if you didn't already. Take Phantom Planet's knack for catchy pop songs, turn it up to 11 and up the tempo a bit and you've got The Brobecks.

I'm sick and tired of Utah only being known for The Used (as far as music goes). The Brobecks deserve some serious attention and this song is a must download for all you blog-surfers.

[mp3] 2nd Boys Will Be 1st Choice

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Time for Brock's picks!

I don't have official totals to give you, all I have to offer is some excellent tunes that, by my best guess, dominated my headphones this past week. And away we go!

Say Anything - That is Why

This song is almost always in my top few, because it is just so darn catchy. Say Anything is so freaking awesome, and if you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. They will rock you soundly.

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Motion City Soundtrack - Last Night

It's pretty much accepted that Motion City Soundtrack made a great first album (I Am the Movie), an incredible sophomore album (Commit this to Memory), and a pretty good third album. This song is from that third record, Even If It Kills Me, which gets somewhat overlooked simply because the other albums are so good. MCS writes fantastic pop-rock songs with great hooks and awesome keyboard solos. Observe:

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Stu's Stupendous Songs of Sensuality

I like to alliterate sometimes, it's fun, you should try it. I don't have play counts either, but it's a fairly good bet that these two songs were at the top of last weeks most-played list.

The Thrills - Saturday Night

Sometimes I am a proponent of the gigantic, entire music library shuffle, and it was at one of these random times that I found this song. Last week I got addicted to it again, so it vaulted its way up to the top of my playlist. I'm a big fan of the fairly repetitive, "Is this what they call...?" line; every once in a while (like last week) that really clicks with me, and I start to think, "hey, yeah, is this what they call...?" about all sorts of things. "They" always ruin everything, I tell ya!

[mp3] The Thrills - Saturday Night

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The French Kicks - So Far We Are

I would like to say that Kraig's post on The French Kicks earlier this week inspired me to explore the sea of their music, but sadly this is not the case. I explored that sea last week! It seemed like the right time, they were about to release their new album (Swimming) and I'd heard of them before, but never really heard them. Here are the results of my exploration: Abandon is great, and So Far We Are is equally awesome. Both feature good use of hand-claps, which I've become something of a fan of recently. Hear for yourself:

[mp3] The French Kicks - So Far We Are

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Anonymous said...

Could you repost Saturday Night by The Thrills? I just came across this site, but the link has expired! Thank you!

Stu said...

Done and done, happy listening!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! New favorite site, dude!