Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Six Pack of the Week - Songs About Home

In any form of writing you're going to hear similar themes - whether it be lost love, anger, lust, fear etc. - this is what writing is for. It's meant to channel those emotions into something relatable. One theme that continuously pops up is the yearning for home.

I'm sure there's some kind of psychological explanation for an ordinary human being's need to have a place to call his own and to yearn for the familiar since it's an emotion we all feel. As relaxing as any vacation can be, it's always good to get back home.

This week we'll be exploring a few more recent tracks about coming, or at least wanting to come home. These ones go out to the Stu-Dawg, the Asian Sensation, who brang it all back home a few weeks ago.

Foo Fighters - Home

The first track to look at comes from the latest outing from the Foo Fighers: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. I'm sure you've heard The Pretender tearing up the radio waves at some point during the past year, or maybe even Long Road to Ruin. This song takes a more subtle approach, certainly one of the more intimate songs I've heard from Grohl & Co. Check it out if you haven't already.

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M. Ward - To Go Home

This is probably my favorite track from Post War. The rollicking drums, the constant buildup that never quite releases into the full out assault you'd expect, the lyrics tackling life & love - it's breath taking, beautiful music.

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Dishwalla - Home

This track comes from Opaline, one of the most severely under-appreciated albums of the '00s. The entire album is filled with these lovely pieces of alternative-pop perfection. If you've never heard the album, I highly recommend taking a peek.

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The Decemberists - Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home)

Another song that really strikes a chord with me. I love the entire album (The Crane Wife) but this is a stand-out track in my mind. The duets throughout the whole song tear my little heart to pieces and the combination of the keys, the male/female vocal harmonies and well placed guitar work make this song an essential on anyone's iPod.

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Collective Soul - Home

The rest of the songs follow more into the area of "tear-jerkers". This one by Collective Soul is more the type of song I'd like to hear blare through the speakers when I walked into my house after a long trip. Rockin' and catchy, this one comes off of one of their more recent albums - Youth.

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Band of Annuals - Follow Your Headlights Home

Now, back to the delicate songs. The Band of Annuals is probably a band you've never heard of. They're a local band in SLC that plays alternative-country about as well as any band I've ever seen. This one's quite slow until about 1/2 way through, wait for the double solo with the slide guitar and electric guitar - it's a thing of beauty that you'll rarely hear matched.

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***Bonus Song***

Collective Soul - Reunion

Well, we missed the Six Pack last week and this week we're a day late. I know it's not TOO much, but here's an extra song to help make up for it.

I know, we already posted a Collective Soul song but I REALLY felt like I had to include this one too. This song really captures the feel of coming home to me. The acoustic slide guitar solo and the gospel-inspired backing vocals make this a tune that doesn't really fit with most people's preconceived perceptions of Collective Soul.

This one harkens way back to their self titled album, probably one of the songs you skipped so you could hear The World I Know or December again. Slow down next time through and take a listen to the whole last half of the album, it's ridiculously good.

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Jacoby said...

nice blog you fellas got here...Good choice of name as well (thats my favorite damnwells song as of late) just wanted to let you know that m.Ward track to go home is actually a cover of Daniel Johnston. I listened to the original on itunes and it gave me chills how mward interpreted the song...since Johnston is such a great songwriter but has no singing ability it is a perfect match.