Friday, May 2, 2008

Mason Jennings - Fighter Girl

I know that I have a "thing" for criticizing bands for going the "yeah yeah yeah", "hey" and "la la la" route, but I gotta give Mason a free pass on this one. He may have a pre-chorus of solid "yeahs" on Fighter Girl (his first single for the upcoming album) but it's a catchy song and it's been stuck on repeat throughout this dreadful finals week.

If you haven't already downloaded this track, do yourself a favor and listen to it already. It's the perfect soundtrack for some springtime frolf (or whatever it is you do in the spring).

Mason's next album (In the Ever) comes out on May 20th. You probably deserve a good punch in the face if you aren't considering purchasing it. Everyone needs a little Mason!

[mp3] Fighter Girl

Buy some Mason Jennings: Amazon | iTunes
Visit him online: Official | Myspace


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