Friday, April 18, 2008


Some of you may have already heard of the band I'm writing about today - Overview. They made a big splash in the indie scene last year with a number of extremely favorable reviews of their EP, Forty-Four Stone Tigers. It appears that they're back to writing some more songs, hopefully we'll have some more output from these guys again this year.

In case you missed the boat (as I did) last year, here's what you missed:

[mp3] Scorpian Woman
[mp3] Forty-Four Stone Tigers

Now, don't think that you've heard it all after hearing these two songs. While the EP is only 7 songs, it's best described as a roller coaster. The keys come in full force on Melancholy in the City and they've saved up some sweet hand-clapping action for the latter half of the album.

You'll get to hear them veer towards pop, punk, progressive rock and indie rock but somehow it all fits together - it all sounds like the same band. Do yourself a favor and pick up the EP already!

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Visit Overview: Official | Myspace