Monday, March 24, 2008

Lo Fine - Not For Us Two

You don't usually see guys from the north east that can pull off alt-country, but Lo Fine does it rather convincingly.  Hailing from Massachusetts, this four-piece band uses steel guitar and soft-spoken vocals to deliver a slightly different take on the alt-country genre.

Normally you'll see a band either try to add some rock to the country, or just take out that nasty country-drawl and leave most of the instrumentation in place.  Lo Fine can do each of these in turn, but also uses a phase pedal here and there.  Wilco is about the only other band that I've heard that adds the "space" dimension in combination with instrumentation generally reserved for country or folk music.  I'm not saying Lo Fine is on the same level as Wilco - few are - but they certainly deserve props for trying to break out.

Their new album, Not For Us Two, is heading our way on April 8th.  I like what I've heard from it, check out these tracks to get an idea:

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