Monday, March 31, 2008

Jakob Dylan - Seeing Things (6/10/08)

Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers fame (oh, and he's that guy's son) will be releasing his solo debut, Seeing Things in June. It's being released via Starbucks, kinda like that P-Mac album you should probably have. He recently posted some tracks up on his Myspace page for our listening pleasure.

The tracks are sparse, but good. You won't be hearing the lovely keys that filled the holes on Bringing Down the Horse, but the songwriting and that lovely voice are still there. Here's the two tracks we have so far. The bitrate isn't too hot since it comes via Myspace - sorry.

[mp3] Something Good This Way Comes
[mp3] Evil Is Alive And Well

Buy some music from The Wallflowers: Amazon | iTunes
Visit Jakob on the web: Official | Myspace


Any Syler said...

I just listened to the new Jakob Dylan album- he's wonderful! What talented genes from the Dylan family- his new album is great.

Anonymous said...

It's good. It's not great. I love the Wallflowers, mostly the early stuff. His solo IS missing the filled holes. As a solo, it lacks depth in its nonchalance.